Radon Detectors

Charcoal Based Radon Detectors

Most Radon detector kits are charcoal based canisters that can be purchased for $10-$20.  You place the canisters in your home, and after anywhere from 2 to ninety days you collect the canisters and mail them to a lab which charges an additional $30-$50 to get the results.  Charcoal detectors are limited because they only allow you to test one area of your home for a short period of time.  You also have to remember to send the kit into the lab at the right time or the test will be invalid.  Because of the difficulty involved, we do not recommend charcoal based detectors.

Electronic Based Radon Detectors radon detector

There is only one consumer based electronic Radon detector on the market (the Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector).  This detector gives the homeowner both short term results and long term averages.  It can easily be reset for multiple tests throughout the home.  More importantly, it can be used for multiple seasons.  Radon concentrations tend to be higher during the colder months when homes are closed up to maintain heat.  So, it’s nice to have a detector that continually monitors your home through all seasons and weather conditions.